The Resource Revolution Trainer

Coupling Sustainability with Excellence. An online self-training guide for business.


The Resource Revolution Trainer is an online self-training course for business managers on the theme of resource productivity and decoupling. Applicable to any business sector world-wide, it takes the latest science on resource use trends and scarcities globally and turns it into practical ideas for any business to roll out a pro-active strategy. It provides the business manager with innovative ideas and inspirational practice examples of steps leading companies are taking towards becoming the Resource Revolution Enterprise.

This online resource combines latest science with cutting edge business model and technology innovations. Its scientific content is based on findings of reports published by the UN-backed International Resource Panel (IRP). It translates the findings of in particular the IRP Decoupling Reports into a language that speaks to the business community. Its exploration of response strategies at enterprise level focuses on the development and delivery of products and services that reflect radical resource productivity improvements. Its business content builds on a range of related business publications, most important of which is The Resource Revolution (Amazon 2014).

Welcome to your business resource on the global resource use challenge, the science of decoupling and foundational steps for becoming the Resource Revolution Enterprise. A selection of new university course work on circular business and the Resource Revolution will be provided and updated annually on the the CONTACT page of this site.

The following video introduces our online course and its presenters, interviewed by Bas de Leeuw, former Managing Director of the World Resources Forum: