The Resource Revolution Trainer

Coupling Sustainability with Excellence. An online self-training guide for business.


The self training course is divided into the following six sessions:

Session 1

Context: The Global Resource Challenge

Session 2

Innovation and Solutions Required

Session 3

Principles of Productivity

Session 4

Building Blocks for becoming the Resource Revolution Enterprise

Session 5

Organizing yourself to become the Resource Revolution Enterprise

Session 6

The Challenge of Time and Scale

Session 1 provides the public science on the global resource challenge. Session 2 explains decoupling as response strategy, as well as what decoupling requires at business or enterprise level. Sessions 3 – 5 takes you through the principles, building blocks and organizational requirements for your business to turn itself into the Resource Revolution Enterprise. The concluding Session 6 addresses remaining questions related to the difficult issues of time and scale.

Each session contains:

  • Video Presentation that cover key concepts
  • Reading Material in the form of PDF downloads with expanded text on the theme of each Session
  • Exercises with questions for discussion
  • Case Examples
  • Resources for additional information (incl weblinks)

Overall course structure: